• sample-1

    Наместник "Свято-Духова мужского монастыря 

    арх. Георгий благославляет прихожан

  • sample-2

    Место Господня. Иерусалим

  • sample-3

    Древо Иисуса.

  • Владимирская икона Божией Матери написана Евангелистом Лукой на доске от стола, за которым трапезовал Спаситель с Пречистой Матерью и праведным Иосифом. Божия Матерь, увидев этот образ, произнесла: "Отныне ублажат Меня все роды. Благодать Рождшегося от Меня и Моя с этой иконой да будет".

    100 руб
  • Смоленская икона Божией Матери, именуемая "Одигитрия", что значит "Путеводительница", по Церковному преданию, была написана святым евангелистом Лукой во время земной жизни Пресвятой Богородицы. Святитель Димитрий 

    100 руб

Affiliate program
General rules
Our shop is available for a two-tier affiliate program - any customer can become a shop partner, receiving remuneration (percentage of sales) to attract customers into the store. The partner may be as a new customer magazine, and an existing one. After registration in the affiliate program, the user receives a personal affiliate link (on the home page shop) links, as well as on any single product or category. When you click on any such link cookie and the visitor put it "fixed" for a partner. In the case of registration in the store, which attracted his partner receives payment when making any purchases by the client.
Affiliate percent
Percentage of partner compensation of 10% for the first level and 5% for the second level. All the calculation and payment of the affiliate program are conducted in the currency of the store by default.
Payment of partner compensation is made in the payment system PayPal, WebMoney, RBK-Money and Z-payment. If a partner have your details in several payment systems, the payment is made at the discretion of the system administrator.

Mark for printing

Orthodox icons, publications

Mark for printing

In our store you will find rare Orthodox icons. Picture size may be used by you for output to printers and professional printing in print shops.